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About Reclaimed Wood

Knots,  Nail holes, and a story to tell.  The beautiful thing about reclaimed wood furniture is that it has taken years to develop these unique characteristics.  And with each use you will continue to create its future story.  It isn’t just a table or a bench,  these are conversation pieces, they are a place to create memories.

Large or small, Dining or accent, fixed or extending,  we carry a large selection of reclaimed wood tables.  Whether it is a dinner for 12 or a place to rest your feet when you are watching a movie, you will find something that will help make your experience enjoyable.  We have tables in all different sizes, styles, and stains to fit right in with your current décor.

We also carry a large selection of reclaimed wood bedroom furniture and accent pieces.  From beds and dressers to night stands and trunks.  There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to get the warmth and beauty that reclaimed wood can bring to any room in the bed room. 

Majority of our reclaimed wood furniture is F.S.C. Certified. This wood can be made from many different species of wood, Pine, Oak, Acacia, Pearwood, Mango Wood, Teak etc…

Modern and traditional designs lend to this products success in any décor, and with all its natural imperfections. One thing is certain — this product will be in your family for years to come!

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